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Basic Nutrient Management Planning (NMP)

The Nutrient Management Planning course has been introduced as core Continued Professional Development (CPD) training to prepare FACTS Qualified Advisers (FQAs) to manage the challenges of the Water Framework Directive (its associated initiatives and regulations), greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and soil protection, while also improving farm profitability. The NMP Training comprising of six modules is compulsory for all current FACTS Qualified Advisers and those gaining the qualification prior to 31st December 2009.

Course Content:

  • FACTS Qualified Advisers now have recognized roles in implementing NVZ rules, the Code of Good Agricultural Practice and assurance schemes.
  • Current members will need to complete this course training by December 2014 if they are to retain their FQA status beyond 2014.
  • The same arrangement will apply to subsequent five-year periods.
  • The five-year period for new FQAs will begin from the date they qualify.
  • Anyone not trained within their allotted 5 years will lose FQA status.
  • A Web Based Assessment will be made available to all those who have completed the 6 CPD training modules and all those who subsequently complete the course.
  • Successful completion of the Web Based Assessment will be necessary if members wish to retain their FQA Status.
  • To rejoin the FQA list, members will need to attend all 6 CPD training modules and take the exam.
  • Course content will be updated at intervals as regulations change or agronomic practices develop.
  • An exam will be optional, this will comprise of written paper and a panel viva examination.
  • The modules can be used towards the BASIS Diploma in Agronomy if the examination is passed.

Course length:

  • 2 days plus exam if required

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