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Willow Weaving

We can offer a variety willow weaving courses and workshops where you can make baskets, willow structures or Christmas decorations.  On every course you will learn many traditional basket making techniques and discover some interesting new words like slath, slewing, randing and wale.  At the end of each course you will have made a least one item to take home with you.
All materials and tools are provided, but if you have a favourite sharp pair of secateurs and a strong penknife do bring them along.  There will also be books and photographs for you to browse through and worksheets which you can take home.

Willow for the garden
Make your own garden structures to support and enhance your garden - wigwams, fans, trellis and small hurdles

Basket making
Weave your own basket in beautiful colours of willow and learn some of the history and folklore of willow and baskets. On a one day course you can expect to complete a small round basket suitable for fruit or vegetables

Bend and twist the willow into butterflies, chickens, swans, piglets and scarecrows

Willow for Christmas
Put away the tinsel and fairy lights and come and make your own willow decorations - garlands, hearts, stars, wands, Christmas trees, spheres, cornucopias, mince pie platters and even an angel

Course Length:

  • ½ day

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